Airbag Reset Service

The airbag module controls activation of airbags

The airbag module controls activation of airbags

RaceEvo Australia provides an SRS airbag reset service throughout Australia with prices from $100 plus $10 express postage. When airbags or seat belt pre-tensioners are deployed, permanent crash data is written to the airbag module (also called an airbag controller or airbag computer or airbag sensor). Once this has happened, the airbag module needs to be replaced or reset. When turning on the ignition, the airbag warning light should display and then switch off after a few seconds.  When the airbag light stays on or flashes continually:

  • The vehicle has been in an accident, the airbag module will need resetting or
  • The airbag module has performed an SRS system test and found a problem. A diagnostic scan will be required to determine the cause of the fault. If it is a problem with the airbag module, we can often repair it.

We can restore your airbag module to it’s AS NEW setting for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Car repairers, auto electricians and others use our fast and efficient service to reset and repair airbag modules.  In most cases, airbag modules are returned on the same day they are received, and sent back by express post.

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